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Sea Fishing


Going fishing in the channel? Then here at Fish & Field you can purchase ready made rigs to cover all eventualities. Choose from quality goods from Greys, Mustad, Storm and Tronixpro as well as quality lures from Dexter. Line for the job is available from Drennan, Diawa, Berkley and Spider Wire. We also have accessories for the angler who likes to make up his or her own rigs.


We stock a good variety of frozen baits – black lug, squid, mackerel, sand eels and bluey, all at competitive prices.



Fly Fishing


New to Fish & Field is a range of basic tackle items for the fly angler including line, flies and combo rod/reels from Snowbee and Fulling Mill.




Here at Fish & Field we have all the “bread and butter” items a pleasure or match angler could want. There is a wide variety of Drennan hooks and hooks to nylon as well as the Preston Innovation PR range alongside Guru hooks and hooks to nylon. The method feeder angler is spoilt for choice with Guru, Drennan and Korum short and long length banded and quick stop hooks available.


Our line deals are made up of an extensive Drennan range, Diawa and Guru Drag line. For the pole angler, N-Gauge from Guru, Reflo Power and Drennan double strength are all here. We have a very good range of accessories including split shot from ZLT and “Camo” from Anchor, all sorts of feeders, leads and waggler floats. The pole angler is definitely not left out! A range of Drennan and Preston Innovation pole floats, elastics (including Diawa hydro) and all the other bits and pieces needed for a successful fishing session are available. A free-of-charge elastication service is available when elastics are purchased at Fish & Field


The pike angler is well catered for at Fish & Field with a good selection of lures, plugs and drop shot accessories. Deadbaits are available in frozen packs and include roach, bream and lamprey sections.


Rods and reels are mainly from Diawa, Shimano, Drennan, Korum and Fishzone. For the match angler we have Drennan silver and carp keepnets as well as a selection of Sensas and Preston Innovation nets. As far as rod holdalls and carryalls we recommend the Drennan range as a sturdy and value for money deal. Large items of tackle can be ordered for you with no charge for carriage on most items.


Finally, our bait range caters for all needs. Pellets, groundbait and liquid additives are available thanks to Bait-Tech, Sonubaits, Dynamite and Sensas. We also supply maggots, caster and worms at competitive prices.



The carp “bar” at Fish & Field is extensively stocked with terminal tackle accessories from a variety of manufacturers, notably Korda, Gardner and ESP. Line comes from Korda, ESP, X-Line, Pro Clear, Diawa, Berkley and Spider Wire. We have a wide range of luggage and storage containers including rucksacks, carryalls, rig cases, accessory boxes and cooler bags with particularly good deals on Chub luggage items.


Our bait range includes a good variety of boilies (shelf life and freezer), pop-ups and wafters, liquid additives and seed baits, as well as artificial baits. CC Moore, Mainline, Bait-Tech, Sticky and Dynamite all contribute to our range.


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